Natural Edge Furniture

natural wood slabs, steel bases, modern organic designs

We are closed for Winter Break and will return to the shop in March 2019

Yes, we are playing outside and it most likely involves blue water and white beaches!

We make custom natural edge furniture from salvaged, reclaimed, and recycled hardwood materials. With our personal collection of local hand selected and air-dried wood slabs, we will find the perfect piece for your project. Every project is personal - from the tree, to our craftsman, to you. Visit our showroom in Bend, Oregon, order online, or contact us for a custom project. We ship nationwide.

February Spotlight Piece

You won't find many wood bases in our showroom.  When we make them, they are designed to go with a specific top and, more often than not, are for custom pieces.  

We recently completed a coffee, console and end table set for a local client who wanted wood bases.  All of the pieces would be in the same great room and so they wanted them to match.

We were able to tie the pieces together by using slabs from the same tree for the tops.  For the bases we again matched all of them with wood from the same tree.

We also worked with a local blacksmith, Orion Forge, to create the steel arcs and end table base, repeating the same texture in all of the steel.  

This project was a real team effort between Natural Edge, Orion Forge and our clients, who were involved every step of the way.